Prayer Needs

Please post or tell me of needs and issues for which we can pray related to our vision and relationship with Ashley School.

6/11/2014 Junerosity

Love Out Loud is a collective of Christ-centered churches, groups & individuals seeking to transform our city with the love & compassion of Christ by unifying & mobilizing the body of Christ. For the entire month of June, Mt Calvary Holy Church, Love Out Loud and other local ministries will show up throughout the city and simply share our Junerosity. This month-long event is our way to give back to the community through small and random acts of kindness.

11/23/2013:  Praying for the Community

Jack Gentry asked me to write down the specific areas and connections that need prayer within the H2H Ministry. As I started writing these down, I realize the needs are overwhelming. What a privilege to be part of so many ways in which God is working in our community. I wanted to share these prayer needs with you. Please pick out a couple of things that touch you. Together as one body we can make a difference to ask God to love this community through us.

School teachers and staff – normal burn out things like teachers would be able to realize specific growth in their classes and see results among their students. Mr Hairston and admin to have a vision and accept community support. Stay focused and connected with reality of their responsibility.

PTA – Pray for Tamara McLaughlin, president, to stay focused on God’s leading and to find parents and resources who respond to her efforts to increase parental involvement and leadership

Community Garden – leadership and funding to turn the Ashley greenhouse and garden into a functional garden to share with others, a teaching tool to reach children and families, to connect with East Winston Community Garden to collaborate and serve the neighborhood

Rebecca’s Store – vision of reaching people not in church to connect them with Jesus Christ through offering fresh fruit and vegetables. Wayne and Tamica Patterson are owners.,

Saturday Academy – 15 or so WFU students volunteer to tutor about 15 Ashley students on Saturdays. Need transportation for kids who are unable to get there. Need to grow in spring to reach more kids and families. Has a component for nutrition education and family involvement. Pray for Belinda Beard specifically (Ardmore UMC), who is almost single-handedly running the Academy.

Tutor training – We need a leader who can put together a support and training group for existing and future tutors. The school needs many more trained tutors to catch up to standard reading grade levels.

Augustine Literacy Project – I’ve connected Ashley with this organization out of St. Paul’s Ep Church. We have met together, and we are hoping to begin a training program for Orton-based tutors on Feb 10-14. This is an exciting resource for Ashley, but it requires commitment to tutor 2 times per week.

Building Community Leadership Team – I have invited several black pastors, community leaders and interested people who live in the Ashley community to come together on Dec 12 at Ashley to start a dynamic neighborhood focus group to address specific issues related to low reading levels in support of the Saturday Academy. The hope is that this team will become invested in the issues of this school and expand to take leadership and accountability for the solutions. Alvin Atkinson, Exec Director of the Center for Community Safety, has agreed to offer his expertise and leadership to get things started. I am meeting on Monday with Ike Black from LaDeara Crest and Liberty East Redevelopment Project.

Latchkey Inc – Michael Burton is a partner in the neighborhood, who works closely with the Huntleys. The vision of Latchkey is to provide a safe and stimulating early care and educational experience which promotes each youths social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Male Mentoring – I’ve talked with Pastor Hanchell from Mt. Calvary Holy Church nearby and others about establishing and building a male mentoring connection for Ashley kids. There are a few churches in the area with whom I have discussed their role in providing healthy family role modeling (Goler Memorial, Ambassador Cathedral, Greater Tabernacle Worship Center, Twin City Community Church, etc.) 90% of homes in this neighborhood are without fathers.

Ardmore Baptist Church and partners – continue to cast the vision and God’s leadership to grow into the active missional church to connect people with Jesus Christ and each other in life-changing relationships. I’ve been praying for a co-leader who can join us to provide organizational and tangible project management skills to these cockamamie ideas and initiatives.  Pray that we find meaningful ways to become a community church with an outward orientation.

Backpack Program – heart to feed hungry children and funding to sustain the number of backpacks that is appropriate for our church.

Love Out Loud – Overall love for this city in tangible and relational ways to connect people and be the hands and feet of Jesus within the Gospel message. Connects about 50 Christ-centered churches for service and relationships with people from all walks of life. Discerns what God is already doing and seeks to build up and connect these individual efforts.

Christmas for the City – I am on a planning committee for Christmas for the City, a mega event on Dec 20 at the Benton Convention Center, sponsored by Love Out Loud. ( We will have around 10,000 people in attendance to celebrate Christ’s birth through music and art. There will be 50-100 non-profits present to meet people and let the city know of their services. People from all over the spectrum will be there, from homeless to parents of youth participating in the orchestra, etc. This is really a city-wide event of cross cultural, racial and socio-economic boundaries.
Christmas for the City (CFTC) is emphasizing 4 areas of service and need: Hunger, education, healthcare and homelessness. There will be tangible opportunities in each of these areas for volunteers and visitors to engage. The Gospel message is part of everything we do but felt through individual connections. The Gospel story will be part of the media message on screens and in various performances. This is an opportunity us at Ardmore to join an interdenominational collaboration of like-minded churches to reach a city that needs to have joy and oneness in spirit. CFTC started in 2008 and has evolved into one of the most dynamic events of the year.

Is that enough? These issues are absolutely on my heart, given the call to develop life-changing relationships with people in the neighborhood and city. I’d like to have a prayer team to pray for Ashley kids and concerns.


6/29/13:  I am thrilled that we are gathering at the flag pole at Ashley School on Thursday, July 11, at 7 p.m. to pray.  This is a city-wide coordinated prayer thrust at all the Title 1 schools in the county at the same time.  How powerful is that!  Please read the email chain below to learn that we are participating in the Education Week emphasis of Community Serve.  Ashley School is featured on Monday night as an example of a collaborative approach to ministry/school partnership.  The new superintendent will be there among many others.  There will be pastors and church leaders from many churches.  On Friday pastors and community leaders will participate in a CCDA Intensive workshop to share our ideas and vision for a holistic ministry to under-resourced areas in Winston-Salem.  God has already been doing magnificent work in this city, and this workshop will help to solidify and increase our efforts.

 So Thursday I expect that we will gather for 30 minutes or so at the flag pole at Ashley School.  Mr. Hairston, please let us know where to go if it is raining.  I’ve emailed you (this group) because you are needed to join us in prayer for various aspects of Ashley life.
   __ Pray for Dr. Emory, Mark Hairston and school leaders in our community, pray for staff at Ashley, churches in Ashley area
   __ Pray for our community/neighborhood, community leaders, faith-based organizations, pray for unity of spirit and vision
   __ Pray for children at Ashley and other schools
   __ Pray for Backpack programs, volunteers, sustainability, outreach
   __ Pray for families, parents, specific programs and initiatives at Ashley
The number of people does not matter, but I hope those who are called to do so will come on July 11.  Please add to the list of prayer concerns and invite others to come as you wish.

5/5/13:  On 5/9/13 a small team will meet at the Hanes Hosiery Community Center at 4 p.m. to begin a discussion about how we might breakdown the racial and socioeconomic barriers that have divided our community for far too long.  I pray that we are able to form a relationship with some of the churches around Ashley, that we will work in unison to begin to provide the right
opportunities to these children and to offer our resources and ourselves as God leads us.

4/28/13:  Continue to pray for the transition from Mr. Ash to Mr. Hairston as school principal.  Include Belinda Beard, as she manages the transition, networks with all parties and continues to   nurture a vision for loving these children through hunger, reading and families ministries.  Pray for the school staff by name (

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