Hunger in Winston-Salem

This article started it all.  On 8/16/11 Winston-Salem area was ranked #1 in the country for families with hungry children.

Local Census shows poverty touched a quarter of all people Winston-Salem.  For people younger than 18, the poverty rate was 38 percent.

Article in WS Journal:

In Forsyth, 15.8 percent of those surveyed reported children had had to go all day without food in the past year and 21.8 percent reported that children were hungry because they couldn’t afford more food. And yet the researchers also found that only 12.9 percent of those in forsyth reported receiving food from a food pantry compared to 25 percent of those in eastern North Carolina.
The immigrants in the mountain counties are better off because of the year-round nature of the Christmas tree industry. More than 60 percent of survey participants both in eastern North Carolina and Forsyth participated in the school lunch program.
The rates of hunger and food insecurity were considerably above nationally collected statistics among the general population, among Hispanics alone, and other low-income populations.

Hunger Facts in America

Wake divinity school responds to local issue of food and faith

 Forsyth County Faith-based Community Organization Community Engagement Snapshot:  The goal of this study by Foryth Futures was to begin to understand the immense individual and collective capital of faith-based organizations (over 500 of them in this county) that have the potential to positively impact the well-being of the community.

Clyde Fitzgerald on the hungry all around us

Community gardens help feed the needy


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