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6/18/2014:  Student Life Group from Raleigh experiences our community garden

18 youth sent to work in the East Winston Community Garden from Raleigh through Student Life posing for a photo op. These are hot and tired kids on a blistering day. Bishop, Russell and I almost needed a IV boost. Steps are done! Yeah!
Photo: 18 youth sent to work in the East Winston Community Garden from Raleigh through Student Life posing for a photo op.  These are hot and tired kids on a blistering day. Bishop, Russell and I almost needed a IV boost.  Steps are done!  Yeah!
Helen  Thank God for your powerful witness.
Gary   Sounds like a great learnin

4/12/2014:  Alpha and Omega/East Winston Community Garden Workday                                                                                     A Community in Action

A collaborative of WFU students, Alpha and Omega Church, Revo Church, Ardmore Baptist Church, Ashley Saturday Academy, H2H, Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, WSSU and the neighborhood.

Bishop Huntley being interviewed by Eat Smart, Move More NC film crew; JJ from UNCG at work in the garden; Erin and Deloris; Mr. Mark Hairston serving water; Revo Church provided the grill to feed about 75 hamburgers; Todd Helm surrounded by children (as usual) teaching about planting seeds; Children learning to pitch in; Ardmore Baptist Men building raised beds; Two raised beds suitable for wheelchair access.

Chester David's photo. 10150746_10152321524992618_7456863009514773838_n10177288_10152321525087618_2681110112600699909_nErin and Deloris10007444_10152321524927618_2114630727144109971_n10149828_10152321528737618_8783198018123272177_n     1555275_10152321528892618_8680098072123606325_n 10154012_10152321527537618_1622352770713745611_nPitching inArdmore Baptist Men at Work10177326_10152321529112618_1733728245303561761_n


JJ from UNCG at work.  Great turnout.Chester David's photo.
Chester David's photo.


3/3/2014:  H2H is partnering with Bishop and Deloris Huntley to help out with the community garden next to Alpha and Omega Church. There are big plans to prepare and plant this land this spring in order to offer fresh vegetables and educational opportunities to the neighborhood as well as supply Rebecca’s Corner Store with produce for this large food desert. They will need help from us to reach their seasonal goals and to build a network for ongoing support.

The Huntleys have designated Saturday, April 12, as community workday. This clean up will start right after the Saturday Academy that morning and a community lunch. A local news service will be there to photograph a community collaboration and vision. I would like to invite groups and individuals to bring your rakes and gloves to join us for a couple of hours. Details will be announced soon. Our hope and prayer is that this garden is just the start of a community collaboration. That means neighbors working alongside of partners just like you and me.
Please put this date on your calendar and stay tuned for details.
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Rebecca’s Corner Store

Community helps end fresh food deserts      MARCH 9, 2013 

Community helps end fresh food deserts

Store owners S. Wayne and Tamica Patterson.

Store owners S. Wayne and Tamica Patterson.

If the Dreamland Park community is a food desert, then Attorney S. Wayne Patterson and his wife Tamica want their Attucks Street shop to be an oasis.

The couple’s Rebecca’s Store Grocery & More is the first local participant in the Healthy Corner Store Initiative. Funded by the North Carolina Division of Public Health’s Community Transformation Grant Project, the Healthy Corner Store Initiative encourages local retailers to add healthy food options to their shelves, making it more convenient for their customers to make healthy choices.

Rebecca’s Store Grocery & More is partnering with local growers and community garden programs to provide fresh fruit and vegetables to residents of Dreamland Park and the surrounding community.

– See more at:




Forsyth Family Magazine


The Forsyth Family magazine (Aug 2013 edition) features this article about the East Winston Community Garden and the Huntleys. They are pillars in this community.


East Winston Community Work Day – June 8



Thank you for those who came to pick up rocks and glass from the garden. We put a small dent in the work that needs to be done but a large dent in building community. Thank you Alpha & Omega Church for your hospitality and for lunch. One day I will tell y’all about the vision and scope of this community development collaboration from people like the Huntleys, Michael Burton, Principal Hairston, Revo Church, H2H, Love Out Loud, Solomon Quick and the Ashley Building Community Team. God is at work in this community big time (I didn’t see him pick up any rocks however). Stay tuned for more opportunities to take part in this exciting ministry.


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East Winston Community Garden at Alpha and Omega Church. This baby is 2 acres big, owned by the City. So much potential! Latch Key is a neighborhood youth empowerment non-profit run by Michael Burton. They did a lot of the work so far. Look forward to getting to know this group.

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