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5/16/2014:  H2H Tee 2 Green Golf Tournament

What a great tournament we had at Reynolds Park Golf Course today with over 80 participants, a plethora of prizes, dinner, lots of fun, great weather and a ridiculous amount of money raised for hungry children in the backpack program at Ashley School.

  • It was a great success!! Congrats to all, especially the H2H recipients!
  • The word is that we cleared about $8000. I am thrilled that the community and our church responded in a big way. $8000 translates to 40 children getting backpacks full of food for an entire school year. That’s significant. I am also happy that we had an opportunity to talk with men and women outside our church about the issues and needs of the Ashley community. Keeping focused on our mission and raising awareness of what we can do is worth more than the money to me.

Date for 2014 Bazaar and Farmer’s Market is August 9.


Thanks to everyone who donated items and/or worked at the Bazaar and Farmer’s Market on August 3.  The countless hours spent making your donations and the generosity and kindness displayed today is something that touched me deeply.  Working on this bazaar is one of the joys of my life, and having a team like all of you makes the experience that much richer.  My heart is full and I thank you very, very much.

I also wanted to report that today was quite a success!  Despite the fact that we may have had a little less foot traffic than last year (perhaps due in part to the tax-free weekend), we still outdid last year’s total (which was $4400).  The total of the money counted at the end of the event, all silent auction items plus an additional gift that was given right after the bazaar, and our grand total is $5522.88.  That is something to be very proud of!  That means that 27 children will have nutritious food over the weekend for an entire school year because of our efforts.

Thank you again so very, very much.


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